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    Forests Drenched in Light and Fog by Boguslaw Strempel

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  5. Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos

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  6. Searching for something new. For something pure. Something ingenuous. Something meaningful. For simplicity. Lightness. Life.


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  8. "What is this place?" —
    "The town of Spectre. Best-kept secret in Alabama!"

    Big Fish — dir. Tim Burton (2003)

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    Here’s the cover of my book as a teaser.  There’s still a couple months before it’s printed and ready to sell, but I figured I can start showing pieces.  It will be 11x13 inches, hard cover and 120 pages.  I’ll keep you guys updated on all of that


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    What It Is - Amy Winehouse



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    Curator’s Monday 140

    Andy Julia (b.1982, France)

    Andy Julia is a french freelance artist photographer based in Montmartre, Paris. He began studying photography at 17 years old, after studying painting, drawing and art history at “L’école des Beaux Arts” of Toulouse in France. Following a technical, audiovisual photography internship, he began working as an assistant at the Daylight Studios in Paris, often working with Willy Vanderpeere. The more minds wander, the best universes connect. Following this idea, Andy drives his different projects in combining all his influences drifted from the practicing of photography painting and music to the elaboration of a singular visual universe. Above all, Andy captures the essence of things, to keep and share the vibration of life, through the filter of an everyday redefined beauty. After 10 years of artistic evolution and two books published about his personal work, Andy begins today a new cycle of creation based on perpetual traveling and renewal. Many thanks to Diane Drubay, founder of Buzzeum and curator of creamoftheirskin, for being this Curator’s Monday!

    [more Andy Julia | Curator’s Monday with creamoftheirskin]


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    my life goals

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